Coconut Coir Brick
Coconut Coir Brick
Coconut Coir Brick

Coconut Coir Brick

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Coconut coir is a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of coconuts. It is the perfect bedding material for composting worms because it simulates their natural environment, by keeping moist and fluffy. Additionally, it is a sterile material (contains no microbial or insect life), making it suitable for animal terrariums, growing microgreens and potting plants.


➡️ Helps maintain humidity

➡️ High water retention

➡️ Superior aeration and drainage

➡️ Ideal worm bedding and grow medium 

➡️ Can be used exclusively or blended together/mixed with clay, perlite or topsoil

➡️ Free from salt, chemicals, oils, and parasites

➡️ 100% Natural & biodegradable 

➡️ Great for digging and burrowing

➡️ Ideal for Tropical Lizards, Tropical Snakes, Temperate Snakes, Amphibians, Hermit Crabs, Arachnids, and Desert Snakes

Mode of use:

  • Just add water- material expands to 5x packaged size
  • 15 mins soak is suggested for maximum water retention
  • Use as desired


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