Coconut Coir Brick

Coconut Coir Brick

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Coconut coir brick for safe and fluffy worm bedding or sterile growing medium for plants and terrariums. Coco coir is made from coconut husk that has been dried and compressed into a brick. Coconut coir is the BEST bedding material for composting worms as it simulates the fluffy soil from their natural environment. Additionally, since it is sterile (contains no microbial or insect life) coco coir is often used as a growing medium for microgreens, animal terrariums and potted plants.

1 dry coco coir brick = 5L hydrated coco coir


  1. Place the coco brick inside of a large container and add 4L of room temperature water. Leave to hydrate for approximately 5hours.
  2. Once hydrated, break apart the brick with hands.
  3.  Squeeze out any excess water (coco coir acts as a sponge) before adding to compost bin or planting pot.