Worm Castings
Worm Castings

Worm Castings

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Worm castings are a natural soil amendment for gardens and potted plants. Worm castings help protect plants from disease by delivering a healthy dose of growth promoting bacteria and nutrients. Give your seedlings, gardens and indoor plants the care they need.


➡️ 1/8 inch screened 

➡️ 100% natural worm manure, no chemical additives

➡️ Improve soil diversity and nutrient uptake

➡️ Castings are shipped moist and oxygenated, to keep them biologically active

Which size to choose?

➡️ 1L order is recommended for starting seedlings or fertilizing a few house plants. Alternatively, it is also a good size for preparing 5 gallons of worm tea.

➡️ 20L order is recommended for lawns, garden beds and larger spread applications.

If you are interested in a bulk order/ 20L+ of worm castings, visit the Contact Us page and send us an email.

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