Vermicompost Starter Kit 1

Vermicompost Starter Kit 1

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1. 1/4 lb Red Wiggler Worms (GUARANTEED alive or your money back!)
2. Coconut choir brick bedding material 
3. Vermicomposting Guide

Red wiggler composting worms worms (Eisenia fetida) for vermicomposting. Our worms are always hard at werk chowing down on organic material and creating rich worm castings packed with plant healthy bacteria and vital nutrients. These hard werkers can eat up to half their body weight in food a day! You can feed them a week’s worth of kitchen scraps once a week as a buffet and they will werk overtime all week to get the job done.

Coconut choir is the BEST worm bedding for vermicomposting! It simulates the fluffy soil of the worms natural environment. Coconut coir is the husk of coconuts dried and compressed into a brick. It is 100% safe and easy to hydrate (hydration instructions included in order).

Our vermicomposting guide equips you with the necessary information to start composting successfully. This guide includes, but is not limited to tips on worm care, feeding ratios, how much to feed, when to feed, common mistakes, and more.

WORM ORDER: Each worm order contains mature worms, juvenile worms, baby worms and cocoons mixed in with worm castings. Worms are packaged in a breathable container with lots of bedding and castings. This mix will inoculate your composting bin with a healthy and balanced worm population, the correct mesophilic bacteria and the necessary detritivores to jump start the composting process.


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