Vermicompost Starter Kit
Vermicompost Starter Kit
Vermicompost Starter Kit
Vermicompost Starter Kit
Vermicompost Starter Kit

Vermicompost Starter Kit

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Items included:

  • 1/4 lb Red Wiggler Worms (GUARANTEED alive or your money back!)
  • Coconut choir brick bedding material
  • Oyster Shell Powder 1lb
  • Vermicomposting Guide


Each worm order contains a balanced population of mature worms, juvenile worms, baby worms and cocoons all mixed in with worm castings. The worms are packaged in a breathable cloth bag with lots of bedding for comfort.

Red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) are voracious little critters perfectly suited for vermicomposting. These hard werkers can eat up to half their body weight in food waste per day! To begin, wrecommend feeding them a handful of kitchen scraps once per week. The worms will chow down on the buffet and by the end of the week, nutrient rich worm castings will exist in their place.  

What makes our worms special?

Contrary to popular belief, the worms cannot eat the food scraps directly, because they don't have any teeth! Instead, the worms feed on the mesophilic bacteria that break down and feed on the food waste. It is for this reason that our worm orders contain a mix of fresh bedding and, the original worm castings that the worms were bred in. The castings will inoculate your new composting bin with the necessary  mesophilic bacteria and detritivores required to jump start the composting process. Without this inoculation, new worm bins can take days or weeks to build up the proper bacteria profile for efficient composting. 

Coconut coir brick

Coconut choir is the perfect worm bedding for vermicomposting! It simulates the soil of the worms natural environment and provides the necessary airflow and water retention for a healthy compost process. Coconut coir is the husk of coconuts that has been dried and compressed into a brick. It is a natural material that is 100% safe and tasty for worms. The brick is easy to hydrate and will expand to 5X its size once hydrated (hydration instructions included in order).

Oyster Shell Powder

Oyster shell powder plays 2 important roles in a worm bin- pH control and grit. Overtime worm bins can become acidic and require a buffer to keep the environment safe and healthy for the worms. Oyster shells provide this buffer because are composed of calcium carbonate which can neutralize acid. Additionally, worms need oyster shells to use as grit in their powerful gizzards. Since the worms don't have teeth to munch on organic material, they rely on grit from the environment and their gizzards to break down organic material effectively. Adding a light sprinkle of oyster shell powder into your worm bin periodically (once a month or so) will ensure the proper maintenance and health of your worm bin.

Vermicompost Guide

Our vermicomposting guide equips you with the necessary information to start composting successfully. This guide includes, but is not limited to tips on worm care, feeding ratios, how much to feed, when to feed, common mistakes, and more.


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